Brush bucket

for cables and pipes 





Seeker is a brush bucket for uncovering buried cables and pipes, and for working in macadam.








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(Technical data)


The bucket is attached to the digger, and two hydraulic hoses are connected.

The brush fits in a recess at the back of the bucket.

For use, it is folded out and starts to rotate automatically when fully extended.

To stop the brush and fold it back in, the hydraulic flow is reversed.


Seeker has been available on the market for over 10 years, and has proven

itself to be an effective and reliable implement.


The bucket bottom is flat, to improve usability during refilling.


Seeker can also be fitted with extra brushes. Two separate brush elements

 are easily attached to the main brush, using a bayonet coupling.

The brush set becomes about 1 m wide, and works effectively and cheaply

 as a cleaning up tool. It is very useful when cleaning grass surfaces.

Another accessory is the cable winder, which is attached to the main brush

and used to collect scrap cable.


Widening set

The brush becomes about 1 m wide






Two separate brush elements are fitted with bayonet couplings

to the main brush. Quick, effective and simple cleaning of a digging

area, rocky ground or even a house foundation front.

The brush can be locked in its extended position and made to rotate

in whichever direction is suitable.




Scrap cable winder




Fitted to the main brush using a bayonet coupling.

A useful help when old wires or cables must be removed.

A suitable length of cable is rolled up, the winder is opened

and the roll removed.


A productivity increase of up to 30%

The risk of cutting a cable or a pipe is minimized

The ground crew is relieved of most of the heavy hand digging.

No fitting costs

No down time for assembly/disassembly.

No modifications necessary on the digger or the boom



increases productivity

Several accessories available

Expand your field of operation

Improve your competitiveness







A few remarks from users of Seeker

After testing by the Swedish telecommunication authority, Sundsvall.            Nils Ragnar Widmark

- The machine operator's environment is hardly affected at all by the brush bucket.

- The bucket works very well and reliability has been excellent during the testing period.

- The work load of the assisting crew is lighter.

- The design of the Treman bucket seems adequate.

- Cable damage can be avoided by using the brush bucket.

- The bucket is very effective in the right type of ground.

- Restoration work on asphalt and grass is simplified.

After use by the Swedish Railway Authority,

the Ånge district.              Kennet Kvist          


When working on and near railroads where the risk of damaging buried cables, we have demanded that the contractors use a digger with a suitable bucket, having access to a

cable brush.

It has been established that the brush bucket SEEKER by Treman satisfies our demands,

and we can recommend it warmly for work resembling ours.

The insurance company Folksam,      

transport division.      Karsten Eklund


In connection with contractor work involving cables and pipes, and considering the economic and technical problems resulting from damage to such infrastructure, we take a very favourable view of the development of damage-preventive technology during the later years.

After reviewing the market for several years, we can confirm our recommendation of the SEEKER product.

SEEKER represents innovative thinking, based on "uncovering by brushing", which is an effective and practical solution to a complex problem in connection with digging where

cables and pipes are at risk.

Testing, field trials and practical use have all given satisfactory results, which means that

the product satisfies fully our demands for preventive maintenance.




The railway contractor. JH Spårservice,

Hallstahammar.             Hardy Skog     

Our clients have been very satisfied, and we are being offered more contracts concerning cable

digging and macadam work.

SEEKER is a simple and effective tool. Work along cables, as well as along rails and points,

becomes safer, quicker, simpler and more fun.

The ground crew has less digging to do, and can help with other things. In some cases, the digger

can handle all the cable work himself.

SEEKER works very well during refilling, thanks to its flat bottom. Another positive thing is that

the bucket can be shared among several diggers.

I am very happy with the bucket and can recommend it to anyone working in macadam or among

buried cables and pipes.

We have also bought the Painaway back treatment board from the same company, to treat our

sore backs, and we are very pleased with it.

We consider both the bucket and the board good investments.